Design and integration of electrical and control systems.
In business since 1990.

Colleaux Engineering tends to be involved in a wide range of interesting projects and everybody is encouraged to challenge themselves with growth and new responsibilities. As a result, boredom just doesn’t happen here.

This is an exciting field and we are always seeking self-motivated individuals with strong technical and communication skills. If this describes you then send us your resume. If you are a standout, we will make a position for you.

We understand that project schedules and timelines sometimes impact our personal and family time. The impact, however, is not always negative. The key is flexibility and we provide as much of that as we can.

But enough about us and what we want. How about you? What is it that motivates and drives you?

Current Careers

There aren't any current job postings at this time, but feel free to send an email with your resume to and we will keep your details on file.

Industries Served